Small module that makes your journey with RMV REST API somehow easier.
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Small module that makes your journey with RMV REST API somehow easier. Based fully on official RMV API reference and HAFAS documentation.


  • RMV API key (Get it here)
  • Python3 (Tested versions are 3.7.9 and 3.9.13)
  • git (Only for installation from source)


If you have everything listed in requirements, then let's begin.

Variant 1:

  1. python -m pip install pyrmv

Variant 2:

  1. git clone
  2. cd PythonRMV
  3. python install


import pyrmv

# Set API key
access_id = "Something"

# Get origin's and destination's location
origin = pyrmv.stop_by_name(access_id, "Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof", max_number=3)[0]
destination = pyrmv.stop_by_coords(access_id, 50.099613, 8.685449, max_number=3)[0]

# Find a trip by locations got
trip = pyrmv.trip_find(access_id,,

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there raw versions and formatted ones?

For the purposes of my projects I don't really need all the stuff RMV gives (even though it's not much). I only need some specific things. However I do understand that in some cases other users may find those methods quite useful so I implemented them as well.

Some methods work slightly different

Can be. Not all function arguments written may work perfectly because I simply did not test each and every request. Some of arguments may be irrelevant in my use-case and the others are used quite rare at all. Just make an issue and I'll implement it correct when I'll have some free time.

Documentation is not perfectly clear

Of course docs cannot be perfect as a python docstring, especially if sometimes I don't know how things should correctly work. That's why you get HAFAS API docs in addition to your RMV API key. Just use my functions together with those docs, if you want to build something really sophisticated. However I'm not sure whether RMV supports that many HAFAS features publicly.


  • arrivalBoard (board_arrival)
  • departureBoard (board_departure)
  • himsearch (him_search)
  • journeyDetail (journey_detail)
  • location.nearbystops (stop_by_coords)
  • (stop_by_name)
  • trip (trip_find)
  • recon (trip_recon)